Chronic’s Sprout Guild



Logo By: Khalis Feldspar@bigspaz


Hemp Harvesters

Hemp Harvesters is our “Sprout” or “Baby” Guild we officially established on September 5th, 2018. We consistently had issues in Chronic Legion of having an overly-abundant Roster, and never having space available for players requesting to join us. So to accommodate this overflow of players, we created Hemp Harvesters!

Hemp Harvesters’ general Guild Rules & Expectations do not differ from Chronic Legion’s. We follow our Legion Code, have no requirements or taxes, the ranking system is exactly the same – and we even have nearly the exact same level of activity! 

We do consider Hemp Harvesters to be it’s own independent guild though, in case you were wondering! Hemp Harvesters has it’s own dedicated players and officers. While we associate the 2 guilds together, they are independent to each other!

Here is a little bit more about us in regards to our in-game specifications:

Platform: PC
Guild Hall: Rank 11

Guild Boons:
• Barracks Rank 5 (+3000 Power, 15% Bonus XP, 5% Incoming Heal Bonus)
• Stables Rank 5 (+4000 Defence, +3000 Armor Penetration, +3% Mount Speed)

Alliance: (Same as Chronic Legion’s)
• Primacy Alliance
• Level 200+, 4000+ Members
• Multiple Daily Raids (Marauders, Influence, Dragonflight, Dungeons)

• 20-25+ Online Members during busy hours
• 10-15+ during non-busy hours
• 140+ Active Accounts Total (5 Day Inactivity Time Period max)

Bud Baron:
• Enyo (@Yopuko)

• Hineja Dragonhealer (@iamboro#1870)

Bud Knights:
• Marc Urthadar (@shadowfang#7193)
• Dab (@sgtpropain)
• Knot (@anthork)
• HoldMyAnger (@holdmyanger#5782)
• H.R. Pufnstuf (@zenbarrri)

Bud Tenders:
• Sunee (@anaesse)
• Dehsoo (@dehsoo#9514)
• Twindell (@laprenent#3659)