Stronghold Siege


The Stronghold Siege is a popular event / raid hosted consistently by most active Alliances. This raid can also be referred to as “STC”, which is short for “Storming the Castle”. STC is a quest obtained from the Master of the Coin, located in the Stronghold. 

You most be Level 60+ to participate in a Stronghold Siege.


Siege Mechanics

Accepting The STC Quest – I will lay out the STC (Storming the Castle) quest further below. It is extremely important to accept this quest before entering an organized Siege – the quest will grant bonus awards such as Vouchers and Rough Astral Diamonds upon Siege Completion.

Private Queueing – Generally most parties do Private Queue, with only 1 person on Team 1; and everyone else on Team 2. This makes the raid go much quicker, and skips the entire PvP Aspect of the raid. This also still completes the quest “Storming the Castle” which will be detailed further along.

Build & Destroy – The goal of Siege itself is to destroy the enemy team’s castle. You can do this through building catapults close by the enemy’s castle – however, you’ll need some supplies for that!

About Supplies – You can gather supplies by;

  • Capturing Horses (Then retrieving supplies from within your own castle)
  • Killing Enemy Siege Engineers (Main Source)
  • Destroying Enemy Depots
  • Killing Enemy Players (Usually not viable in a Private Queue)

Once you have supplies, you want to run them to the center front catapult, that faces onward to the opposing castle. Your teammates will claim the middle lane – and once that is captured, you may start building your Catapults. 

Catapults – When a Catapult is fully built (this requires x4 Supplies), they will need restocked with further supplies. It is important to keep donating and hunting for Supplies – the catapult will run out of boulders to toss if not, which therefore halts the ongoing destruction of the enemy castle. 


Storming the Castle (Quest)

Storming the Castle (STC) is a quest obtained in the Stronghold from the Master of the Coin. It’s task for completion is very easy – complete a siege event. Upon completion, you earn several valuable rewards. This quest is acceptable once a week per character – meaning it can be done several times a week per 1 account. 

Here is a list of rewards you earn from STC:

  • Experience Points & Silver
  • Blood Ruby (5000 Refinement Points)
  • x1 Major Influence Vouchers (400 Influence / 400 Guild Marks)
  • 100 Barovian Coins / 25 Omens (Used for the Castle Ravenloft Campaign)
  • 4500 Rough Astral Diamonds