Levelling 1 – 70

This guide does include tips for players who’re looking to level alts quickly. Most of those end-game tips can be found towards the end of the guide.





Understandably, when you’re new to the game, it’s difficult to afford things – however, an investment into Enchantments will take you a long way, since Enchantments carry with you through to Endgame and beyond that.

Note though, Rank 5 Enchantments are plenty good enough for starters, since at Level 70 you will receive free Rank 8 Enchantments anyway.

Utility Slots (& Azure Enchantments)

Utility Slots are 1 of 3 types of Enchantment Slots, not including Weapon / Armor Enchantments. Generally Utility Slots are found on the Head, Arm and Feet pieces of armor, with the exception of Artifact Gear featuring 1 Utility Slot in neck / belts pieces. However, Artifact Gear is not available prior to Level 60. 

In each Utility Slot, you’ll want to place an Azure Enchantment. Each Azure Enchantment will grant +10% XP Bonus, granting a total of 30% Bonus XP Gain between the Head, Arm and Feet slots. 


Stronghold XP Boon

Not all guilds will provide Stronghold Boons – it depends strongly on what Level the guild is, and what structures they’ve chosen to invest in. Luckily, here in Chronic Legion and Hemp Harvesters, we do feature the Guild XP Boon. 

Depending on the Level of the Barracks Structure (the structure that provides the Guild XP Boon), the XP Boon can give anywhere between 3% – 30% Bonus Experience. Currently this boon is maxed in Chronic Legion, granting 30% Bonus XP. 

To activate our Guild Boons:

  • Hit (C) to access your Character Sheet
  • Select the “Boons” Tab
  • Select the “Stronghold” category
  • Click on the Boon to Activate it; once Active, it will say “Active” underneath it
    • You may only have 1 Boon per Section (Offence, Defence, Utility, PvP)



Random Queues (Level 10+)

Completing one Random: Levelling Queue a day is a must. Don’t skip out on this, make this the very first thing you do when you log on. Aside from the fact that it gives an outstanding amount of XP, the Random Queue also grants Astral Diamonds. 

  • You must be Level 10+
  • To start, hit “K” (Default Keybind)
  • Select “Random”
  • Select “Random: Levelling Queue”
  • Select “Join Random Queue”
  • When the “Instance is Ready”, select “Accept”

Warning: Usually, you’ll encounter Level 70’s who will whip you through the dungeons within a mere few minutes. This is extremely common. Some players will feel this takes away from the feel of the dungeon – but please understand that for most, the Random Queue is a means of farming and nothing else.



Invocation (Level 12+)

Invoking is an in-game system where you pray to the gods every (x) amount of minutes, and in return, the gods shower you with gifts – very basic gifts though I should add. You can invoke a max of 6 times a day per character.

Aside from some serious potential Astral Diamond gains we’ll discuss in another guide, each invocation grants Experience Points – a healthy amount as well. You can only invoke at a campfire though, unless your VIP Rank exceeds Rank 5. 

  • To begin Invoking, speak with Aralynn The Pious. 
  • If you want to learn more about the benefits of invoking, click here.
  • If you want to learn more about VIP and how it works, click here.


Stronghold Daily Quests (Level 20+)

At Level 20, you are able to start doing Daily Quests in our guild’s Stronghold. These quests are quick, easy and grant more XP than your average quests in a day.

Additionally, they grant you rewards designed to be donated to your Stronghold, which helps your guild continue to grow and upgrade it’s structures, marketplace and most importantly – boons! 

  • To learn more about the Stronghold, click here and search for the “Stronghold Related Guides” section. 


Tyranny of Dragons Campaign – Early Intro (Level 26+)

Neverwinter consists of 11 Official Campaigns that you begin to work through at Level 70. One of them is the Tyranny of Dragons Campaign. However, this campaign is different in that, you can start one of it’s Weekly Quests as early as Level 26. 

The quest is Defeating Dragons. It’s obtainable once a week (refreshes every Monday), grants you Campaign Currency to allow you an early start on the Tyranny of Dragons Campaign, and more importantly – grants very nice XP. 

This is a quest you will want to continue completing every week, even upon reaching Level 70. 


Your First Artifact Gear (Level 60+)

Once you hit Level 60, you can actually purchase your first Artifact Neck and Belt gear. Please be warned, do not invest any Refinement Points into this gear, as it is a temporary placement until you hit Level 70. 

The reason I suggest getting this Artifact Gear, is for the sake of having +2 Utility Slots added to your gear. This means space for +2 Azure Enchantments, Rank 5 – meaning a 20% XP Bonus added, which you’ll want, since Level 60 – 70 is a much longer grind than Level 1 – 60. 

I always suggest players to get the Lathander’s Cloak / Belt  –  which is not to be confused with the Greater Lathander’s Cloak / Belt, which is the Level 70 variation of the gear. Be sure when you search in the Auction House, to set the Level Range of search results to Level 60 – 60, to ensure you get the correct item. 

Huntmaster’s Cloak (Level 64+)

The Huntsmaster’s Cloak is a neckpiece that can be obtained through the Master of the Hunt Skirmish. You do need to have a character at least Level 64+ that is capable of running Master of the Hunt.

It’s important to note that this is not a guaranteed drop; it may take several runs. Note as well that this neckpiece binds to character upon equipping. It’s ideal for it’s Utility Slot and +5% XP Bonus stat, but it’s not something I’d recommend specifically farming for (unless you’re very bored).