Gearing Up At Level 70


“Oh my god, what do I do now that I’m Level 70?”

I’ve heard this line a few times for sure over the years. As the game goes on, the amount of content there is to explore, venture through and complete – it’s just become overwhelming. To hopefully help with that, here is a very small breakdown on gearing up at Level 70.


Getting Your First Gear

• Beginner Vistani Gear (Fresh Level 70)

First and foremost, as soon as players hit Level 70 – head over to Lord Neverember and accept the quest “Unwelcome Guests“. This quest will give you a blue set of gear, titled “Vistani”, that will be perfect for getting you started. You may need a partner to help you with the quest; but it’s worth it! To view the gear you earn from this quest, click here!

Please note that the Vistani Gear is purposed as being “beginner” gear – you will quickly replace this set in a matter of 1-2 weeks with Epic Gear & Artifact Sets. 


• Weapons (After Vistani)

Luckily, as of Module 14, getting the best weapons available in the game is extremely easy! Primal Weapons are more or less the best choice for any class in the game.

These weapons are bought with Seals of the Brave – a currency farmed through completing Dungeons, Heroic Encounters, and Random Queues. The weapons can be purchased at the Trader in Protectors Enclave for 750 Seals each. These should only take a few days for a new level 70 to farm.


• Head – Armor – Arms – Feet (After Vistani)

After getting your Vistani gear and Primal Weapons, you should start saving your Seals of the Brave for Primal Gear. Primal Gear grants higher stats, allowing you to increase Power, HP, Armor Penetration and more. It also has a higher Item Level, providing you a small boost!

After Primal Gear, you can look into what gear is then considered “best in slot” for your class. I always suggest looking into MmoMinds, which is just a collection of player-written guides breaking down class mechanics, suggestions, and builds. These guides will tell you what gear to aim for, and where/how to get it.


• Rings (After Vistani)

Likewise to the rest of your gear – you can save up your Seals of the Brave to use for buying Primal Rings, which again grants more stats and Item Level for your character.

Generally, regardless of you class, the best in set rings you will want to aim for should have x2 Offensive Slots. Some (most) of the top suggestions are;

  • Beaded & Bronzewood Rings (Auction House / Masterwork Professions)
  • Ring of Offensive Action (Tyrant Heroic in Omu via trading in Lich Lore to Makos)
  • Epic (+4) / Legendary (+5) Rings (Chultan / Omuan Hunts & Quests) – Rare Drops

Again, look at MmoMinds first to see what is recommended for your class specifically, particularly with the +4 and +5 rings. 


• Artifacts & Artifact Sets (After Vistani)

Artifact Sets are pieces of gear (Neck, Belt & Artifact) that you refine from a Common Quality to a maximum of Mythic Quality. However, until you are certain you have the right Artifact Set for long-term use, it’s highly suggested that you do not invest any Refinement Points into it. 

There are several different sets available within the game – so there is no “Get this!” “Do this!” – it boils down to your class and your build. I usually recommend players to MmoMinds to find out what Artifact Set is best to work towards for their class and build. 


• Shirt & Pants (After Vistani)

For starters, Shirt and Pants of the Chultan Merchant are your best bet for a general upgrade. They drop from the Merchant Prince’s Folly – a skirmish available in the game. They have a high drop rate, so it should not take more than a few or so runs to obtain them.

As you advance through the game, Lower and Upper Primal Paints are the best for any given class. These are purchased with Omuan Treasures – a currency received through the Jungles of Chult (Part 2) Campaign, in the Lost City of Omu. 



Upon receiving your first Vistani Set, you will receive Rank 8 Enchantments already slotted into the gear. Be sure to keep these Enchantments when upgrading / salvaging gear. 

The key Enchantments you will need to venture out and discover yourself are Armor Enchantments, Weapon Enchantments, and Bonding Runestones. 

  • Armor / Weapon Enchantments are slotted in the Purple Slot found in your Armor and Main Hand Weapon gear. They increase Damage, Buffs, Debuffs and Defences.
  • Bonding Runestones are placed on your Companion, which grant a % of your Companion’s Stats to you during combat.

As well, for your Utility Slots, you want want to slot at least one of each Enchantment listed below. These will grant you Refinement Points for every kill, and allow you to upgrade (refine) your gear much faster.

  • Dragon Hoard’s Enchantment
  • Quartermaster’s Enchantment
  • Fey Blessing Enchantment