Greed of the Dragonflight – Stronghold Event

Likely, if you’ve joined a guild and an Alliance, you’ve seen people calling out “DF” in Alliance Chat. You may or may not already know, but DF stands for Dragonflight, in other words, the “Greed of the Dragonflight” Stronghold Event which can be activated at a specific time every 2 hours. If you plan or wish to start the event at a different time, you’ll require a Golden Bell.

Basically the goal of Dragonflight is to take down as many Dragons as you can within 10 minutes – the more dragons you kill, the more rewards you get. In total there are 4 dragons you can potentially take down. By participating and completing this Event, you earn Fangs of the Dragonflight which can be used to purchase Dragonflight Gear. There’s also a chance you may earn a Strongbox of vouchers for your Stronghold coffer.

Basic Rules of Dragonflight – There are 2 things you really need to know before tossing yourself into the chaos of a Dragonflight.

  • Stay away from the Travelling Wizard NPCThis NPC activates the Event and if you accidentally start it before everyone is ready, you can really mess up the run, which yes, accidents happen, but if you can try to prevent them, well… the better.
  • Watch the Chat Channels
    • Typically most Alliances use Alliance Chat ( /a ) or Queue Chat ( /q ). You’ll need to watch for further commands, as Dragonflight cannot be 100% organized ahead of time, commands are based off how the combat is going.
    • A command may look like “RED GO GREEN‘ which means, if you’re at a RED you need to move onto the next dragon.
    • Don’t know where to go? Follow the crowd!


Knowing The Dragons

Above, I listed the 2 most basic things you need to know to get through a Dragonflight Run. You can get by your first run based off strictly those 2 rules, but it really helps to know the actual functions and specifics of the Event. Basically first things first; you need to get to know the dragons a little bit.

In the image below, I have listed all 4 dragons, their locations, and their ‘color codes’.

  • Katatheo The Proud
    • Referred to as the “Red” Dragon
    • Nothing terribly specific to know about Katatheo, just watch for Red Circles because this feller spits out fire a little more often than we’d prefer – circles of fire will likely instantly kill you (unless you’re a tank)
  • Chrysos The Vain 
    • Referred to as the “Blue” Dragon
    • Chrysos inflicts fatal damage to everyone in the area of a target it kills – including companions, which results in quick consistent massive wipe outs of teams. It’s already hard enough keeping players alive, forget keeping your squishy 25k HP companion alive. So the rule at blue –
      • Dismiss your companion, do not use a summoned companion at Blue. The only exception is Augment-type companions, but if you aren’t sure your companion is an Augment-type, then just dismiss it. 
  • Ekdos The Cruel
    • Referred to as the “Black” Dragon
    • Ekdos can be very easy, but very difficult if not everyone is on board about how this guy works. Basically, whenever a player dies, Ekdos spawns a Soul Puppet in their place, which goes around damaging and killing other players, spawning even more puppets. Things can turn bad fast but, you can prevent it!
      • Never “Revive” someone at Black – if you die, admit Defeat, respawn, and run back. If you see someone calling for help, sorry, but ignore them. The problem with reviving, is they’re very likely to die again, and quick, resulting in 2 Soul Puppets spawned from a single player instead of just 1. 
      • Soul Puppets tend to target 1 player and follow that 1 player only. It doesn’t matter how HDPS or great at heals, tank, or buffing you are – if a Soul Puppet is following you, lead it away from the Dragon and away from other players. Take one for the team, make the sacrifice. Rejoin the combat when the Soul Puppet disappears. 
  • Oxuno The Treacherous
    • Referred to as the “Green” Dragon
    • Oxuno has a bit of a bite to him. The combat area around him is filled with a poisonous smog you cannot block, escape, dodge or avoid. Throughout the entire combat, you will be taking damage over time consistently. The only real tips to help keep players alive is to;
      • Have good healers / buffers there focused on keeping everyone alive
      • Try to keep players there who have high Lifesteal
    • In reality, Green isn’t as all bad as he sounds but without doubt, he’s a total nuisance!