About Us

Chronic Legion’s Logo Designed By: Haeven@undinov

We are a guild established on the Dragon Server (PC) in the free-to-play, role-playing MMO – Neverwinter. We were originally founded back in January of 2009 by a group of venturing mercenaries and herbalists. As they found their way through the many realms of Neverwinter, they settled down and established Chronic Legion in June of 2013.

Rumour has it that they still role their blunts behind the waterfalls of Vellosk.



Guild Rules

Our basic beliefs and principles are based on our Legion Code, which we follow and respect. In other words – these are our guild rules. They are very basic, and do not ask for anything except common courtesy and respect. Failure to adhere to our Legion Code will result in eventual termination from our guild.

Legion Code:
1. Be respectful.
2. No begging.
3. No complaining.
5. Get to know your comrades.
6. Work together to improve team skills.
7. Relax and have fun.
8. No pity for the weak!


Guild Expectations

Aside from our rules, we do have a few expectations as well. While they aren’t “rules” set in stone, and you don’t necessary have to follow these – it will help your stay here in our community if you do. 

1. Respect our Legion Code. We don’t ask for much.
2. We’re very casual, so keep casual.
3. Be active – log on regularly, participate where/when you can.
4:20! Have fun, don’t stress. Don’t need to be a stoner for that!
5. There are no donation requirements or taxes, donate to these at your own leisure.
6. Need a hand? Ask. Someone else needs a hand? Offer.


Guild Activity 

Chronic Legion typically has 15-20+ players online at once throughout the general afternoon and evening – though this can vary depending on the day of the week.

We’re in a large Alliance that is Level 200+, and consists of 4000+ members. 

Marauders, Dragonflights, & Influence Runs are hosted consistently throughout the day. Chronic Legion ourselves hosts Marauders at 8:30 & 10:30 PM (EST).  

Additionally, we have an extremely active Discord with 200+ active members. Discord is not a requirement for the guild though.


No Requirements

For our guild in particular, we don’t have any specific requirements. All players are welcome to join, both new and veterans. We really aren’t particular – after all, we’re mostly stoners!


No Donation Requirements or Taxes

We do not require members to donate to the coffer; though it is appreciated. Neither do we request taxes such as Greater Mark of Potencies weekly, or any sort of Astral Diamonds-required donation. Membership is 100% free.

We encourage players to advance through campaigns, work on their characters and  focus on their own progression, instead of just the guild’s. The guild is the players and members. Building members, is building the guild.

Coffer Donations also do not affect how quickly or efficiently you advance through the ranks.


Achieving Higher Ranks

Promotions are given strictly by the discretion of the guild leader, commander, and officers.

Promotions are given based on your participation within the guild. We are a casual / social guild; the better we get to know you, the sooner you will see new ranks. This includes guild chat, helping others with questing or knowledge, joining us for guild raids, and even initiating raids yourself.

Point is, the more comfortable we feel about you and the better we get to know you, the better your chances are at guild promotions.